Thursday, January 13, 2011

Victories in Our Fight for Justice

This has been a huge week for us. We have seen an interim committee in the West Virginia State Legislature advance a bill that would ban coal slurry injections and another bill that would regulate natural gas drilling of the Marcellus Shale, we have also see Bayer announce the elimination of its storage of the deadly chemical M.I.C near Charleston, and finally we have seen the E.P.A. announce the historic veto of the Spruce #1 Mountaintop Removal Permit.

In fact these are rungs on the ladder to our ultimate victory. We should not get too comfortable in these steps, rather these should be fuel to keep our fire going and movement gaining momentum. We should keep our ultimate goal in mind and continue taking steps in the right direction.

These long overdue and responsible changes will take only take place within our Government and within the coalfields themselves if we continue to act. I appeal to you, the people, to be vigilant and look to the future.

Please Call Lisa Jackson at the EPA to thank the EPA for its veto of the Spruce #1 Permit at 202-564-4700

Thank you,
Larry Gibson

Keeper of the Mountains Foundation

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