Wednesday, May 11, 2011

VIDEO: March on Blair Mountain with Larry Gibson

2011 is a very successful year for us, and our speakers are in very high demand because of you. We are activating new leaders in the coalfields of West Virginia to speak all over this country about Mountaintop Removal, from Florida to California to right here at home in West Virginia. Thank you for stepping up to the plate, you have made it possible for us to rapidly spread the movement to stop Mountaintop Removal.

While our speakers have been touring the country educating people all over about what Mountaintop Removal is doing to their communities, people are gearing up here at home to save an important mountain. I want to invite you to the coming March on Blair Mountain from June 5th to June 11th. The original march took place in 1921 and we will be re-enacting this March to save Blair Mountain from Strip Mining. This will be a 60 mile march and I invite you to take part in any part of the March that you can. I am trying to get all my friends from across the country to come to West Virginia for this week.

All of you, the working people, should be there to protect this symbol of labor in this country. The 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain took place so you would have the right to organize and negotiate for a decent days pay for a decent days work. I would appreciate it if you would join us!

Again thank you,
Larry Gibson
Keeper of the Mountains Foundation