Tuesday, February 15, 2011


WINSTON-SALEM, NC ---In conjunction with Enviro-Passion, an exhibition at 5IVE & 40RTY dedicated to our love and respect for the environment, 5IVE & 40RTY and Blessings Project Foundation present THE REAL COST OF COAL”, a documentary produced by Blessings calling for the end to mountain top removal coal mining.  The premier will be held at 5IVE & 40RTY on Saturday, February 26, at 5:40pm. For information, visit http://www.5iveand40rty.com/ or call 336-724-2474.

The premier will feature speaker, and subject of the documentary, Larry Gibson who has dedicated his life to protecting his family’s and others land in the mountains of West Virginia.

 Enviro-Passion is on exhibit through February 26 and showcases works by documentary photographers, an environmental artist/sculptor, and landscape architect/gardeners. Photographers Christine Rucker, Virginia Weiler and Carl Galie exhibit photographs from documentary projects they have created for the Yadkin River, Piedmont Land Conservancy and mountaintop coal removal, respectively. Sculptor/environmental artist Bryant Holsenbeck, uses everyday items normally thrown away to create her individual works of art and installations that have been on display throughout the southeast. And, landscape architects/gardeners Jeremy Murray and Charlie Watkins, who are assisting with the Goler Community Garden project, have built an indoor garden at 5IVE & 40RTY to create awareness for the importance of “building soil and building community.”

Participating organizations include: Keeper of the Mountains, North Carolina Conservation Network, NC Conservation Trust. Piedmont Environmental Alliance, Piedmont Land Conservancy, Sierra Club and Yadkin RiverKeeper.