Friday, November 19, 2010

Contact the EPA by December 1st

Last April, the Environmental Protection Agency took a bold step toward cutting back mountaintop removal when it issued draft guidelines to reduce the practice of "valley fills" -- which bury streams and poison Appalachia's water sources -- unless they meet a high standard. The guidelines were just one of a series of draft rules issued that day designed to reduce the impact of mountaintop removal coal mining.

Can you join me by contacting the EPA in support of their rules to protect clean water?

Coal is killing the people of the Appalachian coalfields. Just the same as if you pick up a pistol and shoot your neighbor, people are dying for coal company profits. Me and my fellow Appalachians have been saying this for years that we deserve justice for everybody in the Appalachian coalfields.

Now, there are finally people listening in the EPA. While they are not going nearly far enough to protect the Appalachian people, they are starting and we must back them up. Big Coal is doing what they always do and is putting the money made off the backs of the Appalachian people into fighting new rules that would protect us.

We are somebody, all of us are somebody. Just because Big Coal has Big Money doesn't mean a thing if we come together and act. Now it's our turn to be heard and we've got to raise our voices.

Submitting a comment takes just a few moments. Please, act now: Tell the EPA to stand firm on limiting mountaintop removal coal mining.

Thank you for standing with me,

Larry Gibson
Keeper of the Mountains Foundation