Sunday, July 11, 2010

Success! Security System and Solar Panels Installed by Volunteers on Kayford Mountain!

Thank you to the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition for backing this project from the beginning, and a very special Thanks to Kevin Fooce for his time and expertise.

Blog written by flatcreek and originally posted at Appalachian Voices Front Porch Blog

This past weekend a crew of dedicated volunteers descended upon Kayford Mountain, the home of legendary anti-mountaintop removal activist Larry Gibson. The volunteers were on hand to install a much needed security system. For the past 25 years, Larry Gibson has been a leader in the fight to end the destructive practice of mountaintop removal coal mining. Larry's land is surrounded by tens of thousands of acres of strip mines; his home has served as a safe place for citizens, members of the media, and decision makers to witness firsthand the horrors of mountaintop removal coal mining. The images captured and stories written about his destroyed homeplace have served as a catalyst for national awareness of the travesty occurring in Appalachia.

Larry is renowned for his hospitality; he his always available to show people the mountaintop removal coalmine adjacent to his land and is the host of annual parties that routinely draw hundreds of attendees.

Unfortunately, Larry’s outspoken stance on mountaintop removal, and his courageous efforts in standing up to the coal companies, has led to threats of violence and to repeated acts of vandalism to his property. This winter a campaign was launched to raise money for a security system for Larry’s home and public park. Through online donations, a drawing and the tireless efforts of volunteers, over ten thousand dollars were successfully raised to purchase Larry a state of the art security system. This weekend a crew of hardworking volunteers successfully installed the new system, just in time for Larry’s legendary 4th of July party.

Thanks to all who donated time, money and effort to make Larry’s security system a reality.

Special Thanks to:  Ohio Valley Environmental CoalitionBlessings Project, Appalachian Voices, Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy, Here's to the Long Haul, Kenny Biggs and his wife, and the hundreds of donations from Friends of the Mountains like you.